Iman International was established 2013 and Started Production after the completion of all legal requirements in Pakistan. Our mission is to create exceptional products and inspire exceptional people. We encourage our clientele to see success in small steps, and to foster positive habits that promote physical and mental well being.

The third generation of the family has entered the field of international trade bringing together the established business and family values, experience and skills coupled with pertinent business education, knowledge and expertise.

All our products are meticulously designed by our in-house design team who are constantly researching trends and generating new, innovative ideas to create unique, stylish pieces. It is our goal to consistently provide our customers with premium performance-wear that exhibits the highest levels of quality and exudes the latest in style. We pride ourselves on pushing creative boundaries to raise the bar on elite active wear.

“We want to inspire and encourage people toward a new way of defining themselves; to perceive greatness in their passion and persistence, rather than defining themselves by their hardships. Whether you have been through a traumatic experience or not, there is invigoration in self-progression. Regardless of the goal, it’s the pursuit that defines accomplishment and self-definition. Keep moving. Keep grinding. And never stop chasing you.”